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The real kpop fans
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11 March 2012 | 17:12

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong. 

In harmony evening, i want simply talk about my favourite type of music.
Seriously i am not that 'tegar' to k-pop musics, but just kind of love so much to hear that lively music. Well, you can see i am not buying their album, poster, or use iTunes to download their music. but still support them from behind ! I keep my 'horay' and 'yeay yeay' for them. Cheering in time hear their music. Feel likes wanna jumping jumping, by time sad when sad songs come, singing together and feel it by/in my heart. I just find myself not really caring about all the new groups. Kind of just stuck with what I know. Well I tried to listen other rookies too but they just kinda fade away from my mind. Don't bother me if you want talk about other type of songs.  

Love them like crazy. Hell yeah. XD

p/s: sorry for inappropriate word or anything. meuhehehe.