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what we really need to do actually?
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11 March 2012 | 23:16

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

Well, i think its time for study but what i am doing actually is blogging and youtubing.
urm, i just feel wanna tell about my studies. Complicated studies. well, everything is complicated. but this semester, these two subjests is more complicated than others. As you know, i am second semester student in second year but still feel like kinda zero minded.Astaghfirullah...

okay see here. highlight my killer subjects for this semester.

Control System and Instrumentation

Electromagnetic Field and Wave

Some genius who got 4 flat pointer for last and last semester also didn't get A's. That fact really pscyho'ing me. #wtffacts

i'd just wanna show the song i liked.

what we really need to do actually?
we need study hard from now. Not a night before examination.sigh...

p/s: the person who wrote this entry need your prayer. please.. jaebal. give me cheer. Advise and tips are most pleasure.

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